A handy guide to know whether you have been the victim of an illegal search by the police.

The Fourth Amendment provides “”the right of the people to bes, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation..” This means that the police cannot search you, your home or your things without a applying for a warrant signed by a neutral judge. That being said, there are significant exceptions to the warrant requirement. One major exception is for your automobile. . Read more

Marijuana Possession in New Orleans: Possible Charges and Penalties

You were enjoying a carefree evening in the French Quarter or another part of New Orleans. The police were not concerned about the drink in your hand, but they were not as relaxed about the marijuana they found on you. Before you knew it, you were under arrest and now you are facing criminal charges for possession of marijuana. Read more

The Five Most Common Ways To Get Arrested During Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Mardi Gras is amazing in  New Orleans. Parades, balls, parties and uncontrolled mayhem in the French Quarter are staples of this time of year. If you are from out of state, enjoy your stay in New Orleans. However, you should realize that despite the reputation of “anything goes”, people can and will be arrested in the French Quarter or on the parade route. With that in mind, here is some advice on how to avoid being arrested during your stay in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.  Read more

Determining Your Plea’s Consequences: Should You Fight or Give In?

When you’re accused of a crime, whether you committed it or not, the anticipation of facing a judge can be frightening. In some cases, not knowing what is going to happen can be worse than facing the consequences. However, your arraignment will not only set your release options (bail, travel restrictions, etc.), it also allows you the opportunity to establish how the rest of the proceedings will go when you give your plea of guilty or not guilty.  Read more

What to Do When the FBI Is Knocking At Your Door

You’ve seen it often enough on TV and in movies, but you have no idea how you would handle it if an FBI agent knocked on your door. What should you do or say to make sure you are treated fairly and that all of your rights are protected?  Read more

What to Do If You Are Being Investigated for White Collar Crime in Louisiana

As a law-abiding citizen, you may believe that you cannot be arrested if you have done nothing wrong. Unfortunately, many people find themselves at the center of a federal investigation for crimes they didn’t commit or were unaware they were committing that can ruin their careers, send them to prison, or both.  Read more

When You Should (and Should Not) Cooperate With the FBI If You’re Arrested for a Federal Crime in Louisiana

When a federal agent knocks on your door, your heart skips a beat. No matter whether you are guilty or innocent, having government authorities in your home, office, or personal space is intimidating.

Under the Constitution, you have specific legal rights when it comes to dealing with federal investigators. There are some situations where you must cooperate with the FBI, and others where you can invoke your constitutional rights and politely decline to assist investigators.  Read more

What Happens When You’re Arrested for Child Pornography in Louisiana?

The government is alleging that you have created, that you have distributed, or that you are in possession of child pornography. You may be waiting to be arrested or wondering if you should turn yourself in—but before you do that, you want to know what is going to happen to you next.  Read more

What Happens After You’re Arrested for Aggravated Rape in New Orleans

Your Miranda rights have been read and the police have taken you into custody. You may be scared and confused. You probably have lots of questions about what is going to happen to you now.

Aggravated rape is a serious charge. If you have been arrested, or you anticipate a possible arrest, it is important to know what to expect after the arrest so that you can make sure your legal rights are protected.

What Happens Now?

Once you are in police custody, you should expect to:

  • Be taken to the police station. If you have been arrested, you should expect that you will be taken to the police station. The police have the discretion as to whether or not to use handcuffs during this time. If there is a warrant for your arrest then you, together with your criminal defense lawyer, may turn yourself in at the police station.
  • Be booked into custody. This should happen quickly after you arrive at the police station. During the booking process, your picture and fingerprints will be taken. Your personal property, such as your wallet and cell phone, may be taken from you for safekeeping. You should get your property back later. After you are booked, you will likely go to a holding cell until you go before a judge.
  • Have a first appearance in front of a judge. During this first appearance, you will be informed of the formal charges against you. The judge will make a decision with regard to bail. You, and your criminal defense lawyer, will have the opportunity to tell the judge why you should be released on bail rather than kept in jail until your case has been decided.
  • Attend your arraignment. At this court proceeding you will enter a plea. Generally, you will enter a plea of guilty, not guilty, not guilty by reason of insanity, or, in certain circumstances and with the court’s consent, nolo contendere, which means no contest.
  • Go through the pre-trial and trial process. This process may include plea bargaining, pre-trial motions, and eventually a trial that will decide your fate.

Some of these things will happen immediately and others may take months or years to complete, but you need to know about them now so you can be prepared to defend yourself now.

Aggravated Rape Is a Serious Charge That Could Change Your Life Forever If You Don’t Take Action

You don’t have to face these charges alone. Instead, you have the right to be represented by a criminal defense lawyer at any time. Please contact us directly if you have been arrested for aggravated rape, or you are concerned that you might be arrested for aggravated rape. Together, we will make sense of the charges against you and help you through this difficult time.