Craig Mordock Reviews Day 5 of the Tom Benson Competency Hearing on ABC 26

Day 5 of the Benson Battle with testimony taking longer than expected. The hearing will likely go into next week, if not the week after that. Friday, a feisty Tom Benson arrived at court, telling WGNO Anchor Jacki Jing, “I’m feeling good, I’m always ready for a fight,” followed by a chuckle.
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Debt Delinquency in Louisiana Highest in Country

When it comes to debt delinquency, Louisiana leads the nation.

A recent study by Urban Institute gave Louisiana a debt delinquency score of 8.7. This number represents a percentage of how many more Louisiana residents have past-due debt on their credit reports than people across the country. Baton Rouge and New Orleans are listed as two of the top 100 cities in the nation with past-due debts. Read more