Am I eligible to have my Louisiana misdemeanor criminal conviction expunged?

Am I eligible to have my Louisiana misdemeanor criminal conviction expunged?

Over on my blog, I discussed how the new Louisiana expungement law can benefit people who have criminal convictions. But, I have received some feedback from readers asking whether they were eligible to have their misdemanor or felony conviction expunged.

Misdemeanor Expungement

1. Your misdemeanor arrest can be expunged, once the District Attorney:

  • refuses charges against you or
  • dismisses prosecution.

2. Your misdemeanor conviction can be expunged if it was pursuant to Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure Article 894 and your conviction was set aside.

3. If your misdemeanor conviction was not pursuant to Article 894, you may still have your misdemeanor conviction expunged, if you:

  • you have successfully completed your sentence and
  • more than 5 years have passed since your sentence has ended.

4. You may have your misdemeanor conviction expunged, even though you may have recieved a previous expungement if

  • it has been 15 years since your last expungement.

5. You may not receive an expungement if your misdemanor conviction was for

  • a sex crime
  • domestic abuse battery.

Receiving a misdemeanor expungement can be benefical to you both personally and professionally. After getting a conviction expunged, you can put your criminal record behind you and you do not have to disclose the arrest or conviction to potential employers. As a criminal defense attorney practicing in New Orleans, I help people get their misdemeanor convictions expunged and welcome the opportunity to explain the process. Please contact me at 504-304-2335, if you have any questions.

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