Rape Lawyer in New Orleans Metro Area

The law firm of Mordock Law Group serves clients in the New Orleans Metro area, including the Northshore, St. Tammany Parish, and Mandeville, LA areas. Anyone in need of a rape lawyer for criminal defense can receive assistance. We help our clients understand the crime and the charges as we formulate a defense strategy.

What is Considered Rape?

Rape involves the force of sexual intercourse on another person against or without the person’s consent. The issue of consent sets rape apart from non-criminal activity. Minors and people with diminished mental capacity are incapable of providing consent. The legal terminology of rape differs for individual states, with some labeling it rape and others calling it sexual assault or battery. Unwanted sexual touching typically does not constitute rape, but it is still a criminal act. The legal system may call these actions sexual battery or molestation.

When Would You Need a Criminal Defense/Rape Lawyer?

Anyone accused of this type of violent sex crime should contact a rape lawyer promptly. Conviction could involve fines, incarceration, and registering as a sex offender. These penalties could impact a defendant for life, especially after registering as a sex offender. A defense attorney has the expertise and experience to represent a defendant, which may include having charges dropped, planning a defense, and reducing a sentence. Because a full defense can take months, a defendant should contact an attorney as quickly as possible to ensure adequate representation.

The filing of criminal charges can be frightening, but having a rape lawyer working on behalf of a defendant can help improve chances for positive resolution.

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