Sex Crimes Lawyer in New Orleans Metro Area

Various forms of illegal or coerced sexual conduct fall under the heading of sex crimes. Individual states have laws in place that prohibit these activities, also instituting statutes of limitation that dictate the time period that victims have to file lawsuits. Contact a sex crimes lawyer to learn about these offenses.

What is a Sex Crime?

Sex crimes include various offenses such as sexual assault, rape and statutory rape, solicitation and prostitution, child pornography, and indecent exposure.

  • Sexual assault is a general crime that includes various types of unwanted sexual touching.
  • Statutory rape differs from rape, because it involves sexual contact with someone under the age of consent, regardless of whether force was involved.
  • Solicitation involves the enticement of another person to commit a crime, such a prostitution, and prostitution is the act of offering or engaging in a sexual act in exchange for payment.
  • Indecent exposure involves the exposure of genitals in public.
  • Child pornography laws make it a crime to create, possess, or distribute any pornographic materials that include images of a minor.

When Should You Contact a Lawyer?

People convicted of sex crimes usually pay sizable fines, serve time in jail or prison, and must register as a sex offender. All of these penalties can have both a short- and a long-term impact on an offender. Therefore, anyone accused of this type of offense should contact a sex crimes lawyer for assistance with a defense. Every defendant is innocent until and unless proven guilty, which gives people the right to defend themselves when accused of any crime.

Individuals in the New Orleans Metro area, including the Northshore, St. Tammany Parish, and Mandeville, LA can get help from a sex crimes lawyer with Mordock Law Group if charges arise.

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