Craig Mordock Reviews Day 5 of the Tom Benson Competency Hearing on ABC 26

Day 5 of the Benson Battle with testimony taking longer than expected. The hearing will likely go into next week, if not the week after that. Friday, a feisty Tom Benson arrived at court, telling WGNO Anchor Jacki Jing, “I’m feeling good, I’m always ready for a fight,” followed by a chuckle.

The family is still fighting over who will inherit Benson’s sports empire. This week, there’s been lengthy, hours-long testimony from Tom Benson’s daughter Renee and her kids. They’re trying to prove that Benson is unfit to make business decisions after he left his estate to his wife Gayle and cut them out.

Renee Benson’s lawyer told reporters that they should wrap up their case Friday. Dr. Ted Bloch, the doctor they selected for Tom Benson’s mental evaluation will testify.

They may call up another witness, but they said they’re trying to figure that out with the courts. Dr. Kenneth Sakuye, the doctor appointed by Tom’s legal team, also came to court Friday.

WGNO Anchor Jacki Jing also spoke with legal analyst Craig Mordock about why arguments from Renee’s legal team have taken so long and what Benson’s team’s strategy will be when they begin. Click the video above to see the interview.

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