White Collar Crime Lawyer in the New Orleans Metro Area

Are you accused of a white collar crime? Not sure what a white collar crime is? If you’re in trouble with the law, it’s important that you understand the charges brought against you and know how to proceed. The legal team at Mordock Law Group is ready to help defend your rights and your professional reputation.

Types of White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes generally involve money and usually focus on fraud, embezzlement, or identity theft. At Mordock Law Group, we are knowledgeable about all types of white collar crime, including computer, healthcare, credit card, or insurance fraud. We also defend clients against charges of embezzlement and identity theft.

Fraud typically occurs at the hands of someone who wishes to use someone else’s information for their own benefit. This could involve insurance fraud (claiming that you were injured to collect compensation, for example), credit card fraud (using someone’s credit card information without their permission), or computer fraud (using the internet to defraud others).

Embezzlement involves purposefully withholding funds or assets from an employer, business, or organization. This usually results in the financial gain for the accused, and it typically occurs in the workplace.

Identity theft happens when someone uses another’s personal information to access their money or credit. This could include social security numbers, credit card numbers, or bank account information.

Possible Punishments

If you are accused of a white collar crime, you need to be aware of the potential consequences. It’s important that you speak with experienced lawyers to learn about the possible outcomes attached to the charges. Possible consequences range from fines to jail time. There are also professional and social consequences to consider. Even without jail time, an unfavorable trial can have a profoundly negative impact on future career opportunities.

When to Call a Lawyer

If you’ve been accused of a white collar crime, time is of the essence. You need to hire legal counsel immediately. The time before trial is critical for collecting evidence and building the strongest possible case in your defense. Mordock Law Group is there for you and your family when you need legal representation. Experienced in the courtrooms of the New Orleans metro area, Craig Mordock is a respected professional in the criminal defense sector. Barred in all state courts of Louisiana, Craig Mordock is also barred in the US District Courts for Western, Eastern, and Middle Districts of Louisiana. Get in touch today for a consultation, or browse our FAQ section to learn more about us.